Enhancing your success with manifestation!

  • Do you feel like you want to further understand just how the Universe really works?
  • Feeling frustrated with your current manifestation abilities?
  • Understand that there are more laws to master then just the Law of Attraction?
  • Want help in utilizing the synchronicities of the Universal Laws?
  • Need a simplified version of a manifestation overview?

13 years ago my Aunt sat me down and said “ Paige I want you to watch this movie - the Universe is your catalogue” At the time my 16 year old version of myself was reluctant and resistant… until I sat there and watched this movie called ‘The Secret’ 

I was instantly fascinated intrigued and wanted more. 

I worked at a restaurant at the time and started playing with the law of attraction. I would put out into the Universe how much money I wanted to make in tips for that shift.  

Time after time I gained more proof to myself that this “stuff” really does work. 

  After having such exciting results with seemingly little manifestations I was motivated to continue learning more and more about the Universe and the Law of Attraction. 

I knew there was more to this “manifestation” thing but I needed to find the missing pieces.

  Can you relate? 

How long have you known about the Law of Attraction yet for some odd reason it’s not ‘working’ to the capacity you crave? 

It was when I realized there are actually 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe that all work in synchronicity of each other to bring to you the manifestations desire and the success you are striving for. 

The thing is you actually already know about all of these laws on a subconscious level.

  However learning about them further brings them into the forefront of your conscious mind allowing you to consciously recognize them when you experience them, utilize their benefits, and become an even more powerful manifestor. 

This is just the course you have been looking for!  

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Here's what's included in the course: 

One Hour Training: 

Mastering the integration of all 12 Universal Laws

  • Unleash your full manifesting abilities
  • Gain an even deeper understanding of how the Universe really works 
  • Learn how to push through your challenges with grace and understanding
  • Achieve massive success
  • Work with the Universe to co-create the life of your dreams

This masterclass was made just for you babe!

  • 1 hour training video led by Paige
  • All downloadable slides
  • Paige's recommended resources for Universal understanding
  • Lifetime access to course

Who is Paige & how can she help?

Hi beautiful! I'm so excited to be able to offer this course to you with the intention of helping you in your manifestation journey.  

  I am a manifestation expert, a mindset coach, a business consultant, a hypnotherapist, an amazon seller, an author, and Co-Founder of the wildly growing business coaching brand Entrepreneur Babe.  

I've been studying the Law of Attraction for over 13 years and I am passionate about teaching how to apply the principles into your life TODAY to get results.

If you take the leap of faith, believe in yourself, and come to the course with an open mind and heart, I promise you, your life will never be the same.  

The principles taught are timeless and will never go “out of fashion”. This course is not a fad. Some of the lessons taught have been around since the beginning of time. It’s just time for you to become aware of them.  

  It’s your time, right now, to master the art of manifestation and change your life forever.

. This program is normally priced at: $197 

But for you my love-

It's only: $33