Power-Hour Breakthrough With Coach Paige

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth"

  • Desire to breakthrough your main energetic block that is holding you back?
  • Want to get real about your situation and what's truly been holding you back?
  • Ready to come up with an actionable gameplan to move you towards your goals?
  • Want to strengthen that inner confidence to finally be in alignment with the prices you WANT to charge?
  • Ready to build a life and a business you are obsessed with?
  • Need help implementing everything you have been learning about manifestation into your own life and business?

Girlfriend - You know I got you!

I believe that you landed here for a reason. You desire more for your life and you are ready to take that next step in completely slaying your goals.  

I get you girl. You are ready.  

Ready to finally make that transformation in your life and in your business that you so deeply desire.  

Ready to own who you are and your worth undoubtedly.  

You are ready to be in alignment with what your life's mission and passion is.  

Ready to make a quantum leap and MASSIVELY Up-level your entire life and business.  

Ready to heal your relationship with money and within yourself.  

The problem is that right now you are feeling stuck. Spinning your wheels getting the same results.  

You want that crystal clarity and direction. You understand the importance of accountability.  

You want to develop that internal confidence and create an executable strategy to get you where you want to go.  

The time is yours babe!  

Time to step into your 'Boss Babe CEO' version of yourself and manifest some miracles into your life. 

Here's How I Can Help!

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During Our Power Hour We Will:

  • Gain clarity around exactly what's been holding you back from your goals.
  • Shift the energetic block you have in regards to financial success.
  • Release self doubt and limitations.
  • Reclaim your inner confidence.
  • Strategize a solid game plan for higher level success.


How to heal your relationship with money and gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and scientific principles behind it.


Stepping into that Boss Babe CEO Version of yourself and owning it like its in your blood!


Gain implementable and achievable action steps to get you to where you want go in less time.

There are many different routes to take in achieving the success you desire. Your journey can look many different ways; but time is money and enrolling in coaching is a surefire way to expedite your process.

I know how much information is thrown at your everyday via social media, TV, emails, podcasts and more. The amount can at times become overwhelming in trying to figure out the quickest most efficient plan of attack. 

I'm here to guide you on the path of least resistance to get to where it is you ultimately want to be. 

The world needs you. It needs you to step into your greatness and make the impact you came here to make. 

We've been waiting babe.

You will have quantum growth in your life, business and finances when you make the commitment to do the inner work.

I am here to serve you with my breakthrough session power hour!

Power Hour Bonuses:

In addition to the hour session you will also receive-

  • Access to my '12 Universal Laws Masterclass'
  • Access to my 'Morning Routine Masterclass'
  • Access to 'Manifesting Like A Boss Babe Training Series' (22 Videos)

Book Your Breakthrough Session!

You can have what you want if you brave what you fear and do what you can!

About Paige 

Money & Mindset Coach | Manifestation Master | Business Success Strategist  

I help coach dancers to maximize their hustle inside and outside of the club through money manifestation, mindset & business coaching.

My coaching strategy is to listen and target the deepest rooted (sometimes hidden) problem and address that head on.  

I live, lead, and coach through the principles of unwavering self belief and confidence. I truly believe in humankind and the untapped potential that is waiting within you to be unleashed.  

I am beyond excited to help coach you on your entrepreneurial journey.

 I’m obsessed with coaching entrepreneurial babes into developing an unwavering belief in themselves and creating ANYTHING they want out of life. I have a deep passion for understanding the psychology behind our thought process, the subconscious mind, and the science behind manifestation.  

I have helped women manifest their goals, more money, business opportunities, and more!  

I am a dancer, a manifestation expert, a mindset coach, a business consultant, a hypnotherapist, an author, and Co-Founder of the wildly growing business coaching brand Entrepreneur Babe.  

If you take the leap of faith, believe in yourself- I promise you, your life will never be the same.  

It’s your time, right now, to change your life forever babe.

Jodi Dazzo - Photographer

I was able to get unstuck right away!

I have been at a stall in my business, completely stuck. When I came across Paige Cole I knew I had to hire her to help me. She helped my vision come to life! Her skills and organization are amazing and easy. I was able to start right away to get unstuck and make the money Ive been wanting too! Thank you Boss Babe for helping me manifest the career of my dreams!

Danika Gisvold - Ecommerce Business Owner, Actor

I just LOVE her!

Learning about manifestation through Paige has really helped me! Especially with redirecting my feelings and thoughts to positive things. I loved learning the 6 principles of manifestation and applying it into my life... one example would be I wanted to land an acting gig in a week and I put it out in the universe and sure enough! I got called do an acting job that week! I can’t wait to take the tools I have learned through Paige into my online business now thanks girl!

  Making a decision creates momentum in life.  

What momentum says is this: Once you get going in that direction, it is more likely that you will continue in that direction; or once you get the ball rolling ( which can sometimes be the hardest part) it’s easier for you to continue in that forward momentum.  

Making a decision will lead to a clear cut path on the massive action you are needing to take.  

Decisiveness breeds forward momentum. Successful people are decisive. 

One thing I think people get stuck on is that they believe if they make a decision that it is final and if it is incorrect then you will be in a worse position then when you started. The thing about decisions, forward movement, and taking action is that you are always allowed to pivot if something is not working... But how will you ever know if something isn’t working if you don't take action?  

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