Your Step by Step course to master your social media presence through Instagram 

  • Busy building an online business and want to use Instagram to expand your audience?
  • Understand the importance of turning followers into paid clients?
  • You desire to master how this whole Instagram marketing thing even works?
  • Need help organizing your content?
  • Often desire to grow a loyal following in order to expand your business ?
  • Want clarity on not knowing what, how or when to post?
YUP I'm Ready!!

So you've been trying this Instagram thing out for a while now desperately trying to post the right photos at the right time with the perfect caption.

You're spending hours of your precious time trying to perfect this whole grid thing.

For whatever reason you just aren't getting the engagement you are hoping for...

What if we told you there was a way to strategically increase your instagram following in order to convert your followers into paid customers?

As an online entrepreneur you know the value of having an online presence.

You know the importance of using social media to grow your audience.

You understand that Instagram is a great free tool to expand your reach.

As an Entrepreneur Babe you understand the importance of working smarter not harder, which includes following a step by step proven system to maximize your results.

Well this is just the course for you babe!

Here's what's included in the course: 

Module One: 

Instagram Fundamentals

  • How Instagram works for Entrepreneurs
  • How Instagram works for Course Creators
  • How to use Instagram as an Online Coach
  • Instagram for Marketing

Module Two:  

Instagram How To's

  • Creating an on brand visually appealing grid
  • What to include in your captions
  • Batching your content
  • Attracting your ideal follower
  • Converting followers to paid clients


Module Three:  

All The 'Things'  

  • Instagram Bio- what to include
  • Insta Stories - the do's and don'ts
  • Insta Highlights
  • IGTV
  • Influencer Marketing

Module Four:  

Creating Images and Edits  

  • Using Canva to create images
  • Batching posts with Plann and Planoly
  • Where to find stock images that are on brand
  • Editing images with VSCO

Additional Course Bonuses:

  • How to Pin your images direct from Instagram
  • Must have Instagram apps
  • One month of Instagram posts
  • All downloadable slides
  • Lifetime access to the course

Who are the Entrepreneur Babes and how can they help?

We are the Entrepreneur Babes and we are so excited to be able to offer you all of our knowledge and expertise through this course.

Together, we have over 23 year of combined Entrepreneurial Experience. Our backgrounds include; Online Marketing, Social Media Mastery, Coaching, Private Labeling Products, E-Commerce, Network Marketing and more! 

We love to laugh, dance, eat cookies and at the same time get down to business and coach fellow Entrepreneur Babes in their online business journeys!

We are passionate about coaching proven strategies to implement in growing your businesses.

Our primary focus is to help babes grow their online businesses through course creation which requires growing an audience. We believe in the power of Instagram to help expand your reach in order to find loyal followers and paid clients!  

You are worthy of investing in yourself and your business babe.

With Do It For The 'Gram' you're getting over $1500 worth of content:

4 Pre-recorded training modules 60 minutes in length each ($999)

1 Month Outline of Instagram Posts ($225)

Tech, app, and batching 'How To Guides" ($350)

. This program is normally priced at: $595

But for you babe-

 Your price: $179