Calling all Dancers, Biz Babes, and anyone who is not where they want to be in life....because manifesting is more fun together!

We begin the Manifesting Magic on August 19th!


A book club with benefits...

  • 22 Days of live FREE training from the author herself- Paige!
  • Learn how to implement manifestation into stripping and your business
  • A chance to further study and expand your consciousness around the subject of manifestation and the LOA
  • You get to become a manifestation MASTER in just 22 days!
  • Connect and network with other boss babes interested manifestation 
  • Amazing book bonuses valued at over $500 to compliment your studying while we in the club baby

How it works:

  • Sign up for the book club with your name and email
  • Check your email for confirmation and further instructions
  • Join my Facebook group - Rainmakers (where the live trainings and chapter studies will take place)
  • Buy my book on Amazon to follow along with the trainings
  • Make sure you grab your book bonuses
  • Invite your friends to join in on the manifesting magic!

** Buying my book is not a requirement simply a suggestion. You will still get massive value from simply following along with the trainings**

Grab your copy today and checkout the book bonues!

Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Art Of Manifestation

'Manifesting Like A Boss Babe' is THE book to help you master the science and art of manifestation, uplevel your mindset, discover your self imposed limiting beliefs, and start consciously co-creating the life of your dreams!  

How is this possible?  

Paige Cole, mindset coach and author of the Manifesting Like A Boss Babe, knows a thing or two about being broke, feeling worthless, and suffering from massive depression and anxiety just a little over one year ago.  

On a mission to heal herself through her mindset and self image, Paige began an incredibly life changing journey. 

  She went from being depressed not able to get out of bed paying rent on credit cards, to a happy joyful thriving online entrepreneur in only ONE YEAR! 

This book is the culmination of over 13 years of studying and implementing manifestation practices and the law of attraction. The strategies taught in this book are the exact strategies Paige used to completely turn her life around. 

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe is the ULTIMATE guide to mastering the art of manifestation. It will completely explain and deepen your understanding about how manifesting and the Law of Attraction works on a deeper scientific and spiritual level.  

The intention behind the book is to make small changes over the next 21 days to transform your mindset to a place you never even realized it could go. 

Once you believe in yourself and start to take action, everything else is your life will fall into place. 

Why not buy the book and take the first step to creating a new beautiful life for yourself?  

Manifesting Bonus Bundle Worth Over: 


  • Vision Board Template to help spark the creative juices when beginning to create your vision board. 
  • PDF Download of the workbook in case you would just like an extra copy of the printed version. 
  • Printable Money Manifesting Check to add to your vision board or print extra copies to put around your house. 
  • FREE Access to '12 Universal Laws' Masterclass to further understand the science behind manifestation and how it works.

How to Claim Your Book Bonuses:

Purchase Your Copy of Manifesting Like A Boss Babe 

Once Purchased Enter Order Details Here:

  *The receipt number from Amazon will be given to you upon purchase confirmation. Please reach out to with a screenshot of order if you are having trouble. We will help out!

More About The Book:

Manifesting Like A Boss Babe is a 21 day step by step ultimate guide to the manifestation process and Law of Attraction. This workbook is meant to help you uncover any mental blocks and limiting beliefs you are unconsciously holding onto. This book provides you with the tools and resources to co-create the life of your dreams. This workbook is your key to unlocking the infinite wisdom you hold within yourself and to start taking responsibility over the life you deserve to create. It all starts with you babe!  

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Master the art of manifestation
  • Step up and take charge of your life on your terms
  • Design the life of your dreams
  • Learn and implement simple yet strategic manifesting techniques and tools
  • Know that you are here to play a bigger game in life and are looking for the nudge in the right direction


About The Author:

Paige Cole is a Master Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction and Manifestation Expert, who works with spiritual entrepreneurs to create the life of their dreams. Paige is an advocate of growth mindset and grit—She believe that limitations are simply a choice. With the right education and tools, anyone can become an entrepreneur with location freedom and flexibility to sculpt their career around the life they desire and love. Paige believes everything is "figureoutable" and with a little guidance, ambition, and a solid game plan, you can tailor your situation and vision to manifest the vibrant and energized life you’ve been craving!

 You can find more about Paige on Instagram at @the.paige.cole, on Facebook by searching Paige Cole, or online at 

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