In the world of entrepreneurship, we tend to be more digitally connected and isolated, rather than receiving the encouragement, support and guidance that we so DEEPLY DESIRE. 

  As Entrepreneur Babes, Paige and Kael, know exactly how you feel. 

Although they are on this journey of Entrepreneurship together, they know what it’s like to desire supportive connections with a high vibe tribe. They are eagerly looking forward to meeting you and helping you connect with other high vibe babes!  

Paige and Kael have over 23 years experience as entrepreneurs and know the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded supportive relationships. 

  As they set out to grow Entrepreneur Babe, a sense of community quickly became one of the most important pillars in their business. It wasn’t enough for them to just build a sense of community online through their social media, they also wanted to make lasting relationships with the Boss Babes who helped to make Entrepreneur Babe what it is today. 

  This is why they created the Entrepreneur Babe retreat. A once in a lifetime experience for the spiritual entrepreneur babe who is looking to take her mindset and her business to the next level, while making lasting connections and manifesting her dreams.  


You are invited to spend 7 days in Bali with 12 other women who are just like you! 

Women who are looking to make lasting connections. 

  Women who want to grow a deeper love for themselves.  

Women who want to tap into their deepest potential to achieve more out of their life and their business.

  Women who want to break past their limiting beliefs to become a whole new type of BOSS BABE. 

Women who want to empower, encourage and lift one another up.  

And women who are ready to take the leap towards the next level of success that awaits them.  


What if we told you that you could come hang out with us for a week, along with 12 other like-minded boss babes IN BEAUTIFUL BALI?  

The Entrepreneur Babe Bali Retreat is a 6-night, all inclusive experience where you will receive one-on-one and small-group coaching from both Kael and Paige.  

Here, you will get away from the current norm of life and allow yourself the opportunity to connect deeper with yourself, grow with 12 other boss babes, gain deeper Entrepreneurial insight, and learn the magic of manifesting your deepest desires.  

Here, you will gain a new understanding and a new love of yourself and your business. Allowing you to make tremendous strides in your life, relationships, finances, business and so much more, once returning back home.  


Allow yourself to renew your desire to achieve more, and ignite your passion within your life.  

This retreat is the pivot point where Entrepreneur Babes Up-Level their life to the five, six, and seven figure mark and beyond.  


Retreat Details:

  • ALL INCLUSIVE stay in a private luxury villa in Kuta Utara
  • Full Access to Paige & Kael for the entire duration of the retreat to learn from their mindset, strategies, and techniques
  • Guided Morning Routines including meditation, journaling, and affirmations
  • Daily Workouts & Yoga to get the blood flowing and serve your mind body and spirit connection
  • Dance Parties because if you know the Entrepreneur Babes you know they love to get down
  • Cookies since you're on vacation and who doesn't love cookies?!
  • Private Chef to cook all of your meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks included) 
  • Massages for the ultimate relaxation experience
  • Focused private 1:1 coaching sessions with both coaches Paige & Kael (ONLY for those who choose pay-in-full option)
  • Daily guided meditations & hypnoses to unlock the power of your subconscious mind for wealth attraction
  • Amazing daily group coaching, meditation and journaling sessions 
  • ALL excursions included like an all day visit to Ubud, the Monkey Forest, a luxury beach club (with the most beautiful colored water you wouldn't believe), Uluwatu Temple, beautiful cliffs, and so much more
  • Powerful manifesting rituals to raise your vibration and unlock your manifesting powers  

Epic Indonesian Villa

Extra Retreat Bonuses:

  • Goodie bag upon arrival filled with Entrepreneur Babe Swag like candles, crystals, journals, Paige & Kael's bestselling books, tank tops, hats & so much more! ($1,000 value) *goodie bag contents subject to change*

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from this retreat?  

You can expect to walk into a vacation and an experience of a lifetime.  

The retreat is an all inclusive experience that you will share along side 12 other beautiful babes who are ready to take their life and their business to the next level.  

You can expect new relationships; not only with the high-vibe babes that will be sharing in this experience, but also have a renewed love, appreciation and fire burning for yourself and your business.

You will walk away from the experience with a deepened sense of gratitude, positivity and abundance.

. You will learn skills and strategies to implement into your personal journey along side your entrepreneurial journey to help you become more successful at manifesting even more wealth, abundance and prosperity. 

We not only want you to have one badass vacation, but we also want you to grow, learn and feel inspired to take action in new ways. After all, you are here to manifest your deepest desires to live a life of ultimate abundance.  

As NLP Practitioners, Success & Business Coaches, Kael and Paige will equip you with the necessary tools you’ll need in order to live the life you have always desired….even after the trip is over.  

How long is the retreat and when exactly is it? 

The retreat will be held during the first week of March 2021 - exact dates to ne announced soon!

Attendees will arrive to the Villa (complimentary airport transfer) on Day 1 before 6pm. 

The retreat will go on for 6 nights, and attendees will leave the Villa before 4pm.  

Is airfare included? 

Attendees are expected to arrange their own airfare. However, that is the ONLY component of the retreat that attendee is responsible for once spot is claimed (*aside from souvenirs, meals outside of what's provided, and extra activities done during free-time.) 

What is the sleeping arrangement at the retreat? Will I have to share a room?

  The villa has 7 bedrooms, 7 Beds, 6 bathrooms, and a TON of living space. That being said, there are 6 king beds and 1 doube bed. Yes, rooms will be shared, but that's how the best friendships are formed! Please don't attend the retreat if you are uncomfortable getting close with other high vibe humans.  

What is the cancellation/refund policy? 

Due to the nature of this event, all sales are final. Please double (triple) check that you are able to attend the retreat before purchasing your spot in the Villa to avoid any issues.  

Do you offer payment plans? 

Payment plans not available for pre-sale pricing* 

Payment plans will be available at the regular priced retreat fee. More details to come.

Is there a benefit to paying in full? 

Yes! Everyone who pays in full up front will receive one 1:1 private coaching session with each of the Entrepreneur Babe coaches, Kael and Paige while in Bali.  

How many spots are there for the retreat? 

12 spots. Once the 12 are filled, no more spots will be sold.  


Will we have free time during the retreat? 

Yes! There is free time for relaxation, adventuring, visiting the spa, shopping, etc every evening after lunch and before dinner on the days we do not have a group outing scheduled. This is the perfect time to strengthen the bonds you have built while in Bali or have some alone time. 

What if I have additional questions or need help in planning the trip? 

Team Entrepreneur Babe is here to help! Simply shoot us an email to with the subject "Bali Retreat 2021" and we will be able to help you in any way we can.  

Retreat Hosts:

Paige Cole

Master Mindset Coach | Manifestation Expert | Business Strategist  

  • Certified Life and Success Coach  
  • NLP Practitioner  
  • EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Certified  
  • Hypnotherapist  
  • Business Strategist & Coach  
  • Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Babe
  • Author of 'Manifesting Like A Boss Babe'  


Paige coaches entrepreneurial babes to improve their online businesses through spiritual principles of mindset, manifestation, and energy.  

Paige is an advocate of growth mindset and grit—She believes that limitations are simply a choice. With the right education and tools, anyone can become an entrepreneur with location freedom and flexibility to sculpt their career around the life they desire and love.  

Paige believes with a little guidance, ambition, and a solid game plan, you can tailor your situation and vision to manifest the vibrant and energized life you’ve been craving!  

Paige lives, leads, and coaches through the principles of unwavering self belief and confidence. She truly believe in human kind and the untapped potential that is waiting within you to be unleashed. 

Kael Roberts

Master Mindset & Success Coach | Business Strategist

  • Certified Life and Success Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • EFT ( Emotional Freedon Teqchnique) Certified
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Business Strategist & Coach
  • Co-founder of Entrepreneur Babe
  • Author of 'The Power Of 1 Positive Thought'  

Kael coaches people looking to reach the next level of success. She is passionate about helping you up-level your life, your relationships, your business and your finances to become more successful and turn your wildest dreams into reality.  

Kael wants to help you see the infinite potential that your life holds, and inspire you to unleash your greatness within yourself to: be, do and have anything that you want.  

It is her passion to help you achieve your highest level of success. So she is here to give you the strategies, the tools and the resources you need achieve success in your life faster.  

Think of her as your motivation to maximize your self-growth, your influence and your income. Kael inspires healthy and positive change in all areas of your life in order to reach your personal success faster.  


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