Paige's powerful life-changing, eye opening message will captivate, motivate & acclerate your audience to take action and start moving in the direction of their dreams. 

Paige Cole is a master mindset coach, a manifestation expert, an NLP practitioner, a business performance coach, an author and a speaker. She is the host of 'The Paige Cole Show' podcast in addition to the co-creator of the business coaching brand Entrepreneur Babe, and host of 'The Entrepreneur Babe Podcast.' She coaches entrepreneurs in the spiritual and scientific principles of money & manifestation.  

Paige's mission is to empower women to heal their relationship with money and experience financial transformation. Her work around mindset is exceptional as she digs into the foundational changes that need to be made in order to experience lasting change. She coaches women to reclaim financial independence through entrepreneurial coaching.

Paige has over 13 years experience in manifestation work and entrepreneurship. 


Audience & Features:

Paiges audience is primarily female entrepreneurs, boss babes, coaches, network marketers, and spiritual women who want more out of their lives. The typical age range is between 25-50 years old. They have a deep love for personal development and a passion for business strategies. They are interested in growing their own online business through an increased socia media presence, creating and selling digital products, become an author, and even speaking at live events. They are resourceful in everything they do and have an unbreakable mindset which pushes them forward in creating the abundant life they desire. 

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  • Coaches Boss Babes on shifting into a higher wealth and abundance consciousness.
  • Helps women experience spiritual, mindset, and money breakthroughs.
  • Reclaim their value and begin attracting the clients and money they desire. 
  • Internally align with empowering belief systems that serve you in forward momentum.
  • Strategize higher level success and business mastery.
  • It is her mission and obsession to coach women in achieving the life of their dreams.

Live Events:

Through transformational live event experiences, Paige brings together visionaries, entrepreneurs and world changers for the Entrepreneur Babe Summit each year in the beautiful sunny San Diego, CA. This event has been known to launch its attendees in to massive, life-transforming action, inspire career changes and birth new businesses. 

The Entrepreneur Babe Summit is quickly becoming one of the personal development + growth industry's most coveted live event experiences.

This retreat was created to bring together like-minded entrepreneur babes who desire deep growth, both within themselves and within their business, all while enjoying a relaxing, cultural Bali experience.  


  • Get Connected With Other High-Vibe Babes 
  • Immerse Yourself In The Beauty of Bali
  • Relax and Enjoy The All-Inclusive Luxury Villa
  • Connect Deeply With Yourself 
  • Reignite The Fire You Have Burning For Your Business  
  • Receive 1:1 Coaching From Paige  

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